Calista “Callie” Fuentes is an aspiring historian and a museum assistant in New York, working really hard to finance her family back home in the Philippines. Born and raised in Manila, she first came to the United States of America when she was 18. With the help of her older brother, Gabe, she was able to experience the “dream” that only a few of her peers will ever experience. Also coming from a conservative and traditional family, she has always tried her best to walk away from love. Not until she met the overconfident and charming Luca Moretti, who was three years her junior.

Meanwhile, the charismatic Luca was an aspiring chef working at their family restaurant. After experiencing all sorts of ups and downs with each other, they will be left with a very difficult decision that may make or break their relationship. A story of love, life, struggles, decisions, family, and the American dream. How long would you wait for a love worth risking?